Michael Zavros


Daddy’s Girl

by Robert Leonard

It is wrong to see her as a child but inappropriate to consider her an adult. In this context, the painting seems inappropriately erotic— Henson territory.


Michael Zavros : Beyond Beauty?

by Peter McKay

As Zavros expands beyond his painting practice into photography and performance, something essential about our relationship to his vision changes, and we enter into a stronger confrontation than before

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Interview – Michael Zavros

by Robert Leonard

Are you a permissive dad?
Yes, but I’m also a disciplinarian. “Yes, you can wear that age-inappropriate t-shirt, but tuck it in and brush your teeth.”

Bad Dad pool Zavros Narcissus

The Allure of the Aesthetic

by Emma Jameson

In its self-conscious exemplification of beauty, Michael Zavros’s Bad Dad series is an exploration into the alluring appeal of a polished aesthetic and how this is enacted in the realm of consumerism and the art gallery itself.

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Charm Offensive

by Robert Leonard

“We have inherited the idea that artists should be critical; that they should reject received ideas, shock the bourgeoisie, rock the boat.”

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Interview – The Art Life

by Sharne Wolff for The Art Life

I don’t respond. I don’t think it’s my place. I just make the stuff and I have no interest in defending it.


Surface Is Everything

by Andrew Frost

Like all of Zavros’s work there is a sense of great time, of majesty and importance, but cool and beautiful and perhaps unattainable, except as an ideal. Zavros reminds us, the old symbols have meaning.


Michael Zavros

by Edward Colless

There are two ways of looking at Michael Zavros’s art. Both are rewarding.



by Wayne Tunnicliffe

Zavros’s paintings seem to celebrate the cultural achievements of great wealth, while also acknowledging that the history of these sites is never separate from the circumstances of their creation, no matter how easily it may be ignored in a contemporary culture of heritage tourism.

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Slow Art: Recent fictions by Michael Zavros

by Louise Martin Chew

The exhibition recognises changes in contemporary art over the last quarter century - such that it no longer needs to be critical of its audience, genesis or past.


Michael Zavros essay

by Jason Smith

The title of the exhibition derives from hunting decoy whistles that lure foxes from their lair with sounds that mimic distressed prey or, in the decoy’s most potent form, the sound of a female fox.


Brittle Beauty

by Sebastian Smee

His paintings and drawings are as intoxicating as they are sickly sweet. They are the visual equivalent of those luxury liqueurs such as Cointreau or Frangelico. And yet I find them beguiling.



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